In Nepal and Thailand, the American non proft JMC continues the work of John M. Cook by providing opportunities through education in the form of; scholarship assistance, mentorship and career planning, and educational infrastructure investments for low-income adolescents and teenagers.


JMC follows in the philanthropic footsteps of John M. Cook. Uncle John was committed to providing educational opportunities to children in need in three key program areas:

A video message from Lillian Roos, our Fundraising/Marketing Director:

With the global pandemic expecting to force another 120 million people into extreme poverty...and families turning their economic focus to necessities, the goal is to continue to raise awareness and to make sure education does not become an afterthought.

Together, we can help 14 exemplary kids' fund their tuition.

"You are supporting my dream to attain an education and make my career and I hope that one day I will be able to do the same for someone else. Thank you again for your generosity."

-Bijeta Maharjan

"I am pleased and grateful for supporting me to build up my career. It was you who made me feel to do works in life not only for oneself but for others who are in need of help. I wish I could be like you Uncle John and help and support the students like me in my future."

-Bhimsen Buddha Magan

"I feel myself so lucky that I am also a part of your life. You helped me in such a situation where I was helpless and hopeless. You came like an angel in my life and helped me. I am very grateful to you for every support you are giving me and I always will be."

-Sauray Tripathy