High School &
College Scholarships

JMC sponsors low-income adolescents and young adults in Thailand and Nepal through high school and college. This is accomplished through tuition assistance, room & board assistance, textbook funding, living stipends, and coordinating their breaks and summers. JMC looks for students who show an immense ability to succeed in their education, but do not have the resources to pursue the education they're looking for.  We match these students with sponsors who can provide financial support and mentorship, and encourage them to forge a relationship beyond that of just a donor or volunteer.


Mentorship &
Career Planning

An important, but often overlooked, step of the process is the career development and planning required to support the candidate and integrate with the traditional education system. JMC matches each sponsored candidate with a mentor who provides support and encouragement. This is especially important as selected students enter into the workforce, offering assistance every step of the way as they approach the next stage in life.



Communities throughout Nepal and Thailand lack access to the basic tools to support the educational growth and development that is essential before formal schooling can occur. JMC invests in learning centers to supplement and precede educational infrastructure. This offers children a place to begin to develop their knowledge and widen their potential for success before they begin their traditional primary school education. Volunteers in learning centers are made up of college graduates and other affiliates of JMC programs.