John always believed strongly in the concept of social responsibility and incorporated this belief in to his work while serving as Founder and Chairman of both Flexible Technology Solutions and Profit Recovery Group (Now PRGX Global). Education remained a life-long passion of John’s, leading him to serve on the Board of Trustees at his alma mater, Saint Louis University, for over a decade. He served on the executive advisory board of its school of business and administration, named the John Cook School of Business in recognition of his notable contributions to the University. This commitment to educational opportunities extended to John’s personal involvement in supporting several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), in Thailand and in Nepal.

He dedicated a great deal of his time and support to the Human Development Foundation (HDF), a nonprofit organization based in Thailand that provides schooling to the poorest of Bangkok. He was instrumental in the creation of Mercy Centre by HDF, and in the eventual creation of Mercy Centre USA, the American fundraising arm of HDF. Many of the children sponsored by John were referred to him by HDF.

John’s devotion to educational opportunities led him to create schools, learning centers, and provide scholarships for the poorest children in Nepal as well. Students sponsored by John continued their studies in the United States, England, Australia, Nepal, and Thailand. Many of these sponsored kids became interns and continued to pursue careers at FlexTecs Nepal Pvt. Ltd., with over 15 graduates currently employed there, including the Country General Manager Sudan.

original stories

Stories of those helped by John M. Cook.


Shambhu was the primary volunteer teacher at the learning center that John and the Roos family helped build in Bandipur. The learning center was built to provide educational support to kids outside of their normal school hours in addition to offering free internet, computers, and stationary.